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Warranty & Replacements

5-Year Limited Warranty

Every Profashion product is salon grade and made with the highest quality materials. Profashion stands behind our products and we back up our commitment by giving every product a 5 year warranty against any manufacture’s defect. Our limited 5 year warranty is activated after you register your product.  You must register your product after 90 days from the day of purchase. The 5 year warranty covers manufactures defects only and not damage due to misuse or improper care of the product.


    • Please make sure to register your product within 90 days from the date of purchase to activate your 5-Year Limited Warranty.
    • Warranty Claims do not apply to items purchases made from an unauthorized internet sites or retailers.


Warranty Claims & Replacements 


Under the 5-Year Limited Warranty you can make a warranty claim and obtain a replacement if the product has a munufacture's defect. The 5 year warranty covers manufactures defects only and not damage due to misuse or improper care of the product.


4 STEPS to Successful Warranty Claims:

How to get make a Warranty Claim and get a replacement? In the rare case your product is defective.

STEP 1Make sure the product is registered. After the day of purchase you have 90 days to register your product.

STEP 2Send the defective product along with the following information:

      • Fill out the Warranty card that comes inside the box of your product.

      • A note describing the fault or problem with the product

      • Send a money order or certified check of $22.95 (Within first year of use), or $34.95 (After 2 years of use) to cover the Processing and Shipping & Handling and Exchange fee. Money order should be made out to: Profashion

      • Send a copy of your original receipt.

STEP 3Ship us the product along with the previous requirements   (copy of receipt, warranty form, brief note & money order).

              •  Ship to: PROFASHION 717 Atando Ave.  Suite H  Charlotte, NC 28206

STEP 4You should receive your replacement product within 5 to 10 business days. Within this period of time we process your warranty claim, inspect the product for manufacture’s defects and ship the product to you.

*Note: Please be aware that if we inspect the product and the damage is not a manufacture’s defect, but is caused by misuse or improper care of the product, we cannot process the claim and your product will be returned to you