Apr 18, 2024

10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love, which makes it’s the best night of the year to go all-out with the romance.  There’s a million different ways to set the mood and create that romantic spark, and if you’re creative you can find some unique ways to make it a day to remember for that special someone.  Here’s a couple of fun, romantic ideas to make your Valentine’s Day extra special!



Few things are as intimate and romantic as a vacation getaway with that person you love.  But rather than waste time with all that travel and extra packing, why not stay close to home?  Find a hotel in town and make it your home-away-from-home for a relaxing night away.


Couple’s Massage

This one is a classic, and for good reason.  The only thing better than a relaxing, stress-relieving massage is getting it with the person you love.  Go for a day of pampering and relaxation with this classic date idea.


Binge Watch Marathon

Couples who binge together stay together, right?  Start a new series or catch up on one of your favorites by partaking in an ultra-comfy night on the couch.  Wear some sweats and get your popcorn as you blow through show after show.


Cooking Together

This yummy date idea combines the enjoyment of eating great food with the fun, chemistry-building activity of cooking with each other.  Combine your talents in the kitchen to create a magical masterpiece you can both enjoy!


Painting Class

Spend a night working on a fun activity that helps bring out your creative side!  Add a glass of wine or two and have some fun painting something that the two of you will always remember as a symbol of your love.


Wine Tasting

Red wine is one of the more romantic, sensual drinks out there, making a tasting a perfect way to bond and expand your palate.  Learn about the different wine varieties out there while enjoying a drink with your special someone! 


A Night at the Movies

Who doesn’t love a good movie date?  The theater, with its dark setting and close seats, makes for a timeless romantic date setting.  Catch a rom-com or a funny comedy and share a bucket of popcorn for a flick-tastic night.


Fancy Dinner

On the most romantic night of the year, why not go all-out and treat yourself?  Spend a night at that one restaurant you’ve been saving up for and get all dressed up!



Few things do more to spark the romantic flame than a night of dancing.  Whether it’s at a salsa bar or with a dancing class, put on those dancing shoes and learn the rhythms of your partner!


Picnic Dinner

A picnic in the park or on a beach is a fun, unique way to enjoy a beautiful outdoor setting while enjoying the privacy of just you and your date.  Grab some fun finger foods, or even better yet, cook a meal that you can serve cold, and bring a blanket and maybe a bottle of wine.  Find a fun, comfortable outdoor setting and you’re set for a night to remember!