Shower Candy

Natural Ingredients. Plastic Free. Eco-Friendly.

Shower Candy
Ditch the plastic bottles and make the switch to eco-friendly bar alternatives packed in 100% compostable pouches.

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Why we got started?

"The average bottle of liquid shampoo, conditioner or body wash is over 80% water. Why bottle and transport water when you're already showering in it?!"

Founding Philosophy:

"I believe it is our communal responsibility to make an effort to reduce our plastic waste and leave this earth in better shape than we found it so that future generations can enjoy a clean planet. By switching your personal care products to eco-friendly bar alternatives, you help do your part. With SHOWER CANDY, we took the extra step to pack all our bars in compostable pouches for a zero waste cleansing solution.

I invite you to join our mission to stop ocean plastic pollution with better self-care products."