About Us

About Us

Profashion, a leader in the prestige haircare industry, has been involved in the beauty business for over 15 years. We have trained countless professionals, consumers, and brand owners on: styling techniques, product knowledge, and the importance of maintaining of healthy hair habits.

With a highly dedicated team of beauty professionals, who receive regular training directly from the brands we offer, Profashion provides accurate direction and information on each product; while supplying clients with some of the most unique and upcoming luxury beauty brands such as- Madison Braids, Wolf’s Mane Beard Care and more! 


During our 15 years in the beauty industry, we recognized the lack of education surrounding beauty products, specifically hair products, as well as the lack of trust consumers have developed within the beauty industry. With this information, we saw an opportunity to create an innovative beauty shopping experience centered around all things relating to hair! We wanted to create a platform that would help small businesses achieve their dreams of become leading brands, all while giving the consumer- the convenience, ease, and trust to purchase the best hair products the industry can offer.


With our continued education, passion, and pioneering spirit, Profashion encourages clients to discover a world of wellness, education, and all things relating to hair, while helping to support, introduce, and develop small businesses. We are devoted to educating and engaging with our clients and we hope to use our website and blog, along with social media, to create trendsetting content that brings Profashion’s expertise to all clients 24/7.


Profashion always strives to deliver on our promises and products and to operate ethically at all times. Profashion is supported by a network of third party business relationships, including suppliers, vendors, educators and various other business professionals. We choose our collaborations and partnerships selectively, and only do business with organizations that are also committed to conducting business efficiently and ethically.

Profashion is proud to offer a 100% free return policy.

We are also happy to provide a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee on all products purchased from our website.

In addition, we also provide a 365 day return window, from date of purchase, on any unopened products for a merchandise credit.