About Us

Profashion, a leader in the prestige haircare industry, has been involved in the beauty business for over 15 years. We have trained countless professionals, consumers, and brand owners on: styling techniques, product knowledge, and the importance of maintaining of healthy hair habits.

Our Vision

We recognized the lack of education surrounding beauty products, specifically hair products, as well as the lack of trust consumers have developed within the beauty industry. With this information, we saw an opportunity to create an innovative beauty shopping experience centered around all things relating to hair!

Our Mission

We wanted to create a platform that would help small businesses achieve their dreams of become leading brands, all while giving the consumer- the convenience, ease, and trust to purchase the best hair products the industry can offer.


Profashion is an innovative beauty shopping experience centered around all things hair! We provide accurate direction and education on every product; all while supplying clients with some of the most unique and upcoming luxury beauty brands.

Customer Service

We dedicate ourselves to the service of others, through all of our daily business operations, by utilizing the collective experience of our people, customer and industry engagement and a deep-rooted passion for the hair care industry.

Core Values

At Profashion, the below core values are foundational in shaping our culture, defining our character, guiding our brand and our business strategies, impacting how we behave and how we make decisions.

They serve as the backbone upon which we work and interact with our co- workers, partners, customers, and communities.


We celebrate the power of many, working as a team with a common goal in order to achieve the best outcome for the benefit of everyone. We are a "people" business, placing extreme importance on collaboration through shared purpose and empowering people through different structures both internally and externally. We embrace collaboration and recognize that success is the sum of many parts. Together, we can be more intelligent and efficient.


We constantly seek opportunities to apply creativity and innovation to improve our service and products.We respond to the changing needs and expectations of our customers promptly, courteously and effectively to capture trends - thereby creating enduring brands that speak to the aspirations and lifestyles of today's professional and consumer stylists.


In setting and observing the highest ethical standards and doing the right thing, we believe we are making a difference. Leading with integrity and with a determination to have a positive impact on everything we do fulfills a duty - not only to our customers but also to our colleagues and ourselves.


We work to create an environment that attracts great talent - and we seek to motivate, inspire, and recognize high performance. Every person is important to our company, so we encourage every individual's contribution and personal growth.