Apr 18, 2024

5 Beard and Hair Products Men Need

Newsflash: hair care products aren’t just for women!  Long gone are the days when men had maybe two or three shampoo products to choose from, as the male hair-care market has expanded exponentially.  Aside from a variety of hair care products utilizing masculine scents and branding, there are a bevy of products formulated to treat the specific needs of men’s hair, such as hair loss, hair thinning, and beard/mustache maintenance.  Read below for our list of 5 essential products that every man needs in his bathroom!   


Wolf’s Mane Natural Based Conditioning Beard Oil

Although it may seem counter intuitive, beards require quite a bit of maintenance to keep things from looking unkempt and out-of-control.  As the beard hair grows longer, it becomes susceptible to dryness, which causes the individual hairs to lose their shape and create a fuzzy, unappealing look.  Enter beard oil.  By applying this premium oil blend that includes hemp seed oil and jojoba oil, you can keep your beard moisturized and tamed!  Premium scents include Original (earthy, musky), Onyx (aquatic, citrus), Freedom (vanilla, mint), and Cuban Leaf (musk, spices).

 men hair oil


Wolf’s Mane Beard All-Natural Professional Butter Pomade

For a beard that requires a bit more in the way of moisturization and maintenance, this butter-based pomade is the perfect solution for dry, unruly beard hairs.  A luxurious butter blend of cocoa and shea butters provides both moisture and nutrition for beard hair, thanks to numerous antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins.  As with the beard oil, the Butter Pomade comes in Original, Onyx, Freedom, and Cuban Leaf scents.

 butter pomade


Wolf’s Mane Beard All-Natural Multi-Purpose Shampoo & Conditioner

Forget everything you know about the 2-in-1 drugstore shampoo and conditioners of old, as this remarkable hair care product is specifically designed to both cleanse and moisturize the beard and face!  African black soap purifies and exfoliates to remove build-up, oil, and impurities, while jojoba and hemp seed oils provide intense moisturization while enhancing beard softness and shine.

 men shampoo  and conditioner


Wolf’s Mane Bear Professional All-Natural Styling Pomade

Whether it’s a formal event or just a bad beard day, sometimes you need just a bit more hold from your beard product.  This all-natural pomade includes shea butter and vitamin E for intense moisture and antioxidant benefits, while a beeswax base offers exceptional hold without weighing down the hair.  This premium styling product comes in Original, Onyx, Freedom, and Cuban Leaf scents.

styling pomade


Everything Black Hair Growth Oil

Perhaps the single biggest concern of men when it comes to their hair is thinning or hair loss.  Thankfully, this potent hair oil-blend prevents shedding and hair loss while promoting hair growth.  A unique collection of oils including almond, olive, and argan oils helps nourish and hydrate the hair and scalp to regulate sebum production and enhance the output of the hair follicle.  An addition of biotin oil helps to enhance the hair’s natural growth process.

hair growth oil