May 18, 2024

The Definitive Guide to Filling in A Patchy Beard

Just about every man on the planet has had the desire to grow a full beard at one point in his life, or at least has considered it.  Beards can add a rugged yet dapper look to any man and can completely transform a man’s entire look and facial features.  Unfortunately, the science of facial hair growth is much more complicated than it appears.  Proper facial hair growth is dependent on genetics, hormones, and a variety of other external factors, and the truth is that only a lucky few are capable of growing the sort of full-faced beard that many dream of. 

Thankfully, there’s a variety of techniques and tips one can use in order to help facilitate proper beard growth, or at least make it look fuller and more complete.  Read our guide below to learn how to grow your best beard yet!

Grow it Out

For some men, the simplest solution is to just wait and be patient with their beard growth.  Some men have slower facial hair growth than others, and the slow growth period may make it seem like a full beard is an impossibility.  However, by allowing the beard to grow out completely, many of these patchy and empty spots may be filled out, helping to create a full-faced beard.  Additionally, the longer beard hairs can help cover up any patches, which can help create the illusion of a fuller beard.

Embrace a Short Beard

On the other hand, some men may find that the best course of action is to go the complete opposite route and keep their beards shorter.  Some men find that their patchiness only becomes apparent as their beards grow out, as genetics can leave certain sections of the face without the ability to produce hair.  For these men, keeping their beards shorter can allow for the patchy spots to look less noticeable, helping to create a fuller look.  While this approach requires more work, such as consistent trimming and a precise line-up, the results are well worth it, and can look much more flattering than a longer beard for some men.

Take Supplements

Because beard growth is mostly dependent on genetics and hormones, one approach is to ingest supplements that work to boost testosterone production and enhance hair follicle function.  Many of these supplements contain herbal extracts that have been proven to naturally boost testosterone levels, helping to normalize facial hair growth.  Additionally, a deficiency in vitamin and mineral intake can lead to the hair follicle working at a less than optimal level.  To combat this, a proper multivitamin can help address these deficiencies, which will not only boost hair growth, but also help with overall health in general.  Lastly, certain vitamins such as biotin and B12 have been directly linked to hair growth, making these an excellent choice for those struggling to grow facial hair.

Address Diet and Stress

While it sounds cliché, it’s impossible to overstate the benefits of proper diet and stress levels.  Eating healthy and keeping your body and mind relaxed are two of the biggest keys to overall mental and physical health, with impacts felt on a multitude of levels.  When it comes to facial hair growth, this is even more true, as a poor diet and/or excess stress can lead to the release of hormones like DHT that directly inhibit hair growth and can even cause balding and hair loss.  To combat this, make sure to eat a balanced diet, get proper sleep, drink plenty of water, and limit any external stressors as much as possible

Use Beard Oil

Like many things related to personal beauty such as skincare and hair care, moisturization is key!  Hair and skin require proper hydration and moisture in order to fully function, and excess dryness in the skin and hair can lead to a variety of frustrating issues.  When it comes to your beard, applying a moisturizing beard oil blend can help to keep the hairs and their follicles properly hydrated.  When the follicle is well hydrated, it is able to function at its full strength, producing beard hair that fills in fully.  Additionally, keeping your beard moisturized prevents fly aways and frizzy beard hairs, which allows your beard to look more uniform and consistent.  By keeping the beard hairs flat, they can also cover up any gaps or patches in beard growth or make them less noticeable.

Wash Your Beard and Face

Aside from internal bodily factors like hormones and genetics, the lack of proper beard growth can also be caused by physical factors such as the blockage of hair follicles by dead skin cells, dirt, and grime.  When these particles accumulate near the base of the hair shaft, they can impede proper facial hair growth and also lead to other conditions such as acne.  As the beard grows out, the risk of this accumulation only grows greater and greater, making it that much more difficult to prevent.  Thus, it is imperative to keep the face and beard as clean as possible.  Make sure to wash your face at least once a day (which you should already be doing!) and pay extra attention to the beard and facial hair, making sure to work through the hairs to remove any debris.

Style Your Beard

Lastly, one creative technique to address a lack of beard fullness is to work on your beard styling technique.  While dryness is the main cause of straggly, frizzy beards, the frustrating reality is that many beard hairs are just genetically programmed to grow out in different directions, worsening the appearance of gaps and beard patches.  A good beard pomade or beard butter can help tame these straggly hairs and keep the hair looking uniform and consistent.  Additionally, you can also style the beard in such a way that you allow the different hairs to cover up the patches, creating the illusion of a fuller beard.