Jul 18, 2024

Men Face Shape Guide - Don't Know Which Hairstyle Suit With Your Face Shape?

Have you ever had a hair cut or style that you thought would look great, only to find out it does not look as wonderful on you as you had originally hoped? This is a common occurrence and one that can easily be avoided by following some simple rules when going for your next cut and style. Read on to learn more about picking the best haircut and style for you!

How do you normally pick a new haircut or hairstyle out?

A lot of men usually decide a hairstyle for themselves by picking out styles that they have seen on models in the magazines, on television, or in the movies. If you do this, you are not alone! 

While deciding on your new hairstyle or cut, you usually forget that there is a chance that even though the haircut you have chosen surely looks good on that specific model, it might not go well with your facial shape. You may not realize this until after the barber has already finished the unsuitable cut. Yikes!

We all have been in the same boat, and we know how bad it can break you when you find a stunning hairstyle only to realize in the end that it just doesn’t suit your face. Well, you don’t need to let it get to you as there are hundreds of other awesome styles that WILL compliment your facial geometry. 

Instead of wallowing in the feelings of regret and embarrassment, why don’t you do some research the next time you pay a visit to your barber? Here are some things to consider about your facial features and shape the next time you are looking for a new hairstyle:

The basic motive behind considering the shape of the face is to camouflage your weaknesses and enhance your strengths. 

For instance, a round face can appear slimmer, or an elongated face can appear fuller if you have chosen the right haircut. 

On the other hand, some haircuts can reverse beautification by highlighting your weakness. For example, going for a royal cut style with a round face will only make it look rounder. 

We have erected this guide to help you find the most suitable haircut that goes with your face shape and facial features. Let’s look into it together!

How to determine the shape of your face? 

First thing’s first, you must determine your facial geometry before checking out the hairstyle magazines. This initial step is vital for the grooming process to go as planned. 

Beautifying yourself is all about magnifying the strengths in your looks and concealing the flaws. This cannot be done without determining the shape of your face. Finding it is not a tricky job, as some might believe. You just have to step back and examine your reflection and take some calculations for the determination.

By the end of these few simple steps, you will be aware of your face shape. 

  • Stand in front of the mirror and get yourself a measuring tape. Avoid the retractable ones as taking the measurements will be more difficult. 
  • Get your hair out of the way, if you have longer hair then tie it back. 
  • Start by measuring the widest part of your face. And write the measurement down on a paper. 
  • Take measurements across the forehead, cheekbones, and also each side of your jaw. To make sure, take multiple measurements for accuracy. 
  • Calculate the length of your face. It is the most defining parameter of one’s facial geometry. So, make sure you get it accurately. 
  • Analyze using the measurements. For instance, if you have a long face, then your face may fall in the category of rectangular, oblong, or oval shapes. You have to compare the data with your visual inspection to make a final decision. 
  • Finally, some facial features like well-defined bone structure, jawline, and hairline should also be taken into consideration as they play a role in the selection of the best hairstyle for you. 

Now, the next visit to the barber will be a whole new experience for you!

Men’s face shapes

1) Oval face shape

The good news for people with oval facial geometry is that they can pull off almost all the trendy hairstyles with ease. 

The overall shape is well-proportioned, which makes it one of the ideal face shapes to have. 

You can even confidently experiment with your hair, as there are not many hairstyles that won’t go with this shape. 

Whether it is a short, medium, or long hairstyle, they will all compliment your balanced looks. 

Facial characteristics: The length of the face is what defines the balanced appearance; it is around one and a half times the width. 

The forehead is slightly wider than the chin area. The width of the face gradually decreases downward. 

There are no dominant features because of this, it goes well with tons of hairstyles. Moreover, this geometry usually lacks harsh  angular features. 

Hairstyles for an oval face shape: 

The versatility of this face shape allows it to go perfectly with hairstyles like the quiff, undercut, fuller-looking pompadours, and even with a shaved buzz cut. Here is the list of some hairstyles that you can try:

  • Messy-looking quiff with an undercut (plus thick beard) 
  • Brushed up hair with shorter sides
  • Classic taper fade with high comb over 
  • Slicked back hair with undercut 
  • Textured quiff that goes with a high bald fade
  • Messy long fringe with tapered sides
  • Undercut comb over 
  • Pompadour with a high fade
  • Lined up high fade with textured top 
  • Textured or wavy slicked back hair 
  • Textured fringe with low fade (try this with a beard!)


2) Rectangular face shape 

Unlike other shapes, this face shape possesses some dominant features, and this face shape is often considered the most masculine looking of them all. 

However, the extra elongated appearance makes it unsuitable for some hairstyles, as they can elongate the face more. 

Facial characteristics: The face length is longer than the width, and the width of the forehead, cheekbones, and the jaw area is constant. 

People usually confuse the less defined rectangular shape with an oval face shape. It is due to the fact the length of the face is considerably more than the width. 

This face shape is thought to be a combination of an oval and square facial geometry. The elongated appearance resembles the oval shape, and the unchanging width paired with a more angular jaw resembles the square shape. 

Hairstyles for rectangular face shape: 

You must avoid styles that make your side look short and close to the skin because it will enhance the elongated appearance. 

Moreover, hairstyles that add more height to your face should also be avoided as you already have enough length. We suggest you go for something that is not too short from the sides and doesn’t add much height to your face.

 Here are a few examples which might be a good idea for this face shape: 

  • Textured top with medium length 
  • Long fringes with low taper fade 
  • Less voluminous pompadour
  • Wavy comb over hairstyle
  • Side-swept with part
  • Side part pompadour
  • Classic comb over hairstyles

3) Square face shape 

Nothing looks more masculine than a distinctive jawline. It is often thought to be one of the most attractive facial features in men. Having a well-defined and contoured jawline means that you probably have a square face shape. 

This shape is known for its ability to handle a good deal of voluminous hair. So, you should not hesitate while experimenting with lengths and fuller hairstyles.

Moreover, there are tons of hairstyles that go well with this geometry, you just have to avoid styles that contrast with the manly appearance. 

Facial characteristics: A square face shape is characterized by having a strong jawline, and high cheekbones. The width of the jaw and the forehead are the same; that is what it gives the attractive square look. 

Hairstyles for square face shape:

Whether it is short hairstyles like a short quiff or long length hairstyles like textured waves, this ideal shape works well with all lengths. We suggest you go for close fades and parted hairstyles. 

Some people also prefer to go completely shaved to make their well-defined features prominent, and it often serves them well. 

Therefore, you can totally go for buzzcuts and bald fade hairstyles. Here are a few hairstyle suggestions from us that you may want to look into: 

  • French crop quiff
  • Buzzcuts (if you do not want to attract much attention then don’t cut the hair very short) 
  • Side-swept with part 
  • Comb over with medium fade
  • Pompadour with high fade (pairs great with a thick beard!) 
  • Textured or wavy top with a high fade 
  • Slicked back with an undercut
  • The poofy and disconnected undercut 
  • Caved top with tapered sides 
  • Man buns (pairs great with a thick beard!) 

4) Round face shape

If you have a rounder face, then you know how difficult it is to choose a hairstyle for it. This face shape has no defined angles or features that can help make a face stand out. 

To select a hairstyle, you must choose the one which has the defined features that your face lacks. 

Facial characteristics: The length and width of the face are the same, making it appear round. Cheeks are usually fuller with no defining dimensions. 

Hairstyles for round face shape:

Picking an appropriate hairstyle is trickiest for this face shape. The styles which have a shorter appearance on top or fuller appearance on the sides are ruled out because they make your face look more circular. 

You have to go with something that gives your shape some angular dimensions. 

For instance, a fuller-looking pompadour can easily fill in the volume on your head, giving you some height which works to elongate the face. You can combine it with bald or shorter sides to enhance the elongation effect. If you want to change your round face appearance miraculously, then having a beard that has some angular features may work wonders for you. 

  • Long comb over with high skin fade
  • Brushed up hair with low to medium taper fade 
  • Mid skin fade with a textured quiff (pairs well with a thick beard!) 
  • Short sides with side-swept fringe
  • Hard side part with a medium fade
  • Long slicked back hair with bald sides (pairs well with a full beard!) 
  • Skin fade part with a messy comb-over


5) Heart face shape 

Men with a heart face shape have narrower chins; that is why we advise you to stay away from hairstyles that make your face look slimmer. Another tip with this face shape is that you can balance the smaller bottom half of your face by growing a beard. 

Facial characteristics: The jawline and chin area are narrower than the forehead and the cheekbones. The forehead is the most prominent facial feature for this face shape. 

Hairstyles for heart face shape: 

With this face shape, you have to be extra careful about making your face well proportionate using the hairstyle you choose.

Go for something that doesn’t make your chin look smaller and your forehead bigger than it already is. We suggest for you some hairstyles with proportionate angles:

  • Medium length swept hairstyle 
  • Dimensional quiff with medium length sides 
  • Textured fringe with short sides 
  • Long comb over with an undercut 
  • High quiff with a low fade 
  • Side part with the medium fade 


Tips for choosing the right hairstyle per your face shape

These additional general recommendations will prove very useful in the process of selecting the appropriate hairstyle. 

Consider your natural hair type: By manipulating the natural hair type you can help hide the weaknesses of your facial features. 

For instance, curly hair can be a blessing for people with triangular face shapes as they can conceal the width of your forehead. The same goes for the heart face shape as well. 

Pick a haircut that makes your face appear more oval: The symmetry of oval face shape is considered ideal. So, no matter what facial geometry you have, you should go for the hairstyles that make your face look more oval. 

For example, people with a square shaped face can try fuller tops to make their faces appear more oval. Or if you have a round face you can go for any heightened hairstyles like a pompadour. 

Don’t forget to consider the beard: Facial hair can hide the over-prominent facial features even more than hairstyles. It can effectively cover your defined bone structure, rounded jawlines, or even narrow chins. Moreover, if you have a rounder shape, you can add some angular dimensions by cutting your beard in different styles.