May 18, 2024

10 Biggest Hair Trends of Summer 2021

Summer is here, meaning it’s that time of the year where the weather is warm, and you can trade your jackets and sweaters for short-shorts and bikinis. But aside from adopting lighter clothes, it’s probably the perfect time to try out a new hairstyle! If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the season’s hottest hairstyles (no pun intended)!

1. Curly Shag
Nothing screams “summer” like a carefree, textured look that evokes shades of the 70’s. Make sure to have your hair cut with a textured fringe and long, flowing hair on the sides, then style at home with a ceramic flat iron like PYT Hair’s Ion Fusion 2.0 Pro Digital Ceramic Styler to really bring out your natural curl pattern and texture!

Curly Shag - @taylorswift
Curly Shag - @taylorswift

2. Curtain Bangs
Bringing back memories of the Summer of Love in the 60’s, this flower-power hairstyle is low-maintenance and works with practically every face. Separating the hair down the middle to create a sort of “pseudo-bang” look, grow your hair as long or short as you’d like to better frame your cheekbones and jawline.

Curtain Bangs - @jlo

3. Blunt Ends
Hate styling your hair during the summer? A blunt cut may be the solution! A style that involves cutting your hair at the same length all around creates a clean, refined look that requires little-to-no styling or maintenance!

Blunt Ends - @ ariana252525

4. Short, Swoopy Bob
This fun, textured look is the epitome of beachy-casual. A shorter trim all around the hair with a heavy amount of scissor cutting creates an incredible amount of texture and bouncy body. To really boost that beachy wave texture, style with Profashion’s The Almighty – Thermal Styling Comb.

Short, Swoopy Bob - @anhcotran

5. Modern Shag
An updated take on the traditional 70’s-esque shag, this look modernizes an iconic look with a more layered, texturized cut with choppy ends. What really separates this from its predecessor, however, is a styling routine that uses a flat iron like Bossie Beauty’s The Innovator – Ceramic Flat Iron Styler to create casual, wavy shapes at the ends of the hair.

Modern Shag - @hairbydanymiami

6. Rounded 'Fro
Fun, natural, and beautiful. For African American women with naturally curly, coily hair, this rounded look involves growing your hair out and cutting it evenly around for a symmetrical, gorgeous cut. Styling is as easy as applying a product like Trissola’s Chia 5-in-1 Curl Cream that defines curls and tames frizz for beautiful results.

Rounded 'Fro - @velveteenyou

7. Heatless Texture
Why not adopt a look that embodies the summer spirit of casual, beachy texture with a look that involves no heat styling at all? Simply braid your damp hair after showering, let it dry overnight, and unravel it in the morning to reveal gorgeous, flowy waves! Apply a styling product like Sidlab’s Clay Hair Texturizer to really define those waves and add structure.

Heatless Texture - @kurlywavykaren

8. One Length
Easy, trendy, and striking. This unique look is cut the same length all across the hair without adding any layers or texture. Simply part your hair and use a waver or flat iron to enhance the look with a beachy, wavy twist.


9. Asymmetrical Bob
Feeling daring? Try this unique, low-maintenance style that works with nearly any face type. Cut your hair shorter with one side longer than the other for a creative, eye-catching look!

Asymmetrical Bob - @c0urtneyj0yhair

10. Face Framing Layers
Everyone knows how important the right haircut is for your specific face type, and this look is the perfect example. Ask your stylist to cut your hair in textured layers that frame your face shape to accentuate your best features. Add a little wave action with a curler to bring the summer vibes!

Face Framing Bob - @feliciarialshair