Jul 18, 2024

5 Steps to a Snatched High Ponytail!

If you’ve spent any amount of time on social media or reading celebrity style blogs, it’s clear that the “snatched” ponytail is having a moment.

Whether it’s the nostalgic nod back to 60’s fashion or the way in which the hairstyle is able to visibly tighten and lift the forehead, it’s clear that the high ponytail has truly resonated with women across all demographics.

ShaFollow our steps below and you’ll be rocking a hairstyle like Ariana Grande or Kim K in no time!

Prep and Blow Dry
First things first: you need to prep your hair. Apply pre-styling product such as Everything Black’s Heat Protectant Spray to your hair and then blow dry your hair until no longer damp. Be sure to use a low-to-medium heat setting, as we are mainly focusing on smoothing the hair to make it more manageable while adding a small bit of “oomph”.

Straighten with the Right Flat Iron
Once your hair is dry, the next step is to straighten your hair for that perfectly sleek, silky-smooth look. The key here is to use a flat iron that works well for your particular hair type while minimizing frizz and gently smoothing your hair with each pass. Our favorite is Pro Fashion’s The Icon 1 Inch Touch Hair Straightener, which utilizes innovative ionic technology to prevent frizz while keeping your hair healthy and hydrated. Section 1 to 2 inch portions of your hair and gently glide the flat iron over, making sure to work from root to tip.

Brush Back and Set with Product
Now that your hair is straight and smooth, you’ll need to brush your hair back as we prepare to finish the ponytail. Working a styling product such as Everything Black’s Edge Control into the roots, use a brush to distribute the product all the way to the tips as you brush backwards and away from the forehead.

Skip the Hair Tie
What truly sets the snatched high ponytail apart from the traditional ponytail is the “snatching”, aka the tight, lifting effect created by the look. In order to achieve this, you’ll need to utilize something much tighter and precise than a basic hair tie. Our suggestion is to use a bungee band, which allows you full control over how tight you prefer, depending on your hair thickness. Simply grab your hair at the very back of your head and tie the band, securing the ponytail as close to your head as possible.

Tame Fly Aways
With the ponytail in place, the last step is to tidy up any pesky flyaways or loose hairs. A trick used by hairstylists is to take an object such as a tooth brush or hair comb, spray it with some hairspray, and gently glide the object over each flyaway to set the hair in place.