May 18, 2024

How to Use Curling Iron Like a Pro - Mistakes to Avoid

Are you tired of using the curling iron in the same way everytime?  Then, you need to try something new. Having the same style day in and day out can leave you bored.  If you want to get rid of that same old look, then try new experiments with your curling tool to unlock its full potential.

With simple tricks, you will be able to revive a new look and discover new possibilities with your heat styling. Here are a few tips that you may not know.

1)     Be aware there are various sizes of curling irons

Curling iron barrels come in a variety of sizes. The sizes are available with a difference of just half inches. Some people may not be aware of all if the sizes as some of then are quite rare. You might have to put some effort into finding certain ones. Go for different sizes and allow yourself to try a new look!

2)     Use different sized barrels all at the same time

The shape of the curling iron is uniform, so you are not able to get different sizes of curls from just one barrel. It may cost a little, but it will be worth it. Buy a bunch of different sized tools and use them all together. You will be able to have curls of all sorts of sizes to create different textures and more dimension.

Try placing larger curls near the head and tighter ones around the tips to have a magnificently natural look.

3)     Try curling your ponytail

If you are in a rush, but you also don’t want to head out without a wavy look on your head, then this trick will definitely help! Make a ponytail and brush it to detangle. Divide the ponytail into manageable sections. Wind the first section around the curling rod and release after a few seconds. Repeat until every section has been curled. Once every section has been curled, release your ponytail. Voila! Perfect waves everytime!

If you want that look to last longer, then you can apply hair spray for extra hold. 

4)     Leave the tips uncurled

Curly points at the tip of hair strands may look mesmerizing, but you might want to try something different. While curling leaves an inch of the hair from the tips uncurled. A curly look at the top and a straighter finishing will allow you to have a fresh beach-wave look.

5)     Cool your curled strands before letting them hang down

When you curl a section of the hair, you typically will set it loose right after. Not doing that helps to increase the lifespan of your curls. When you curl a section, place it in your palm for a bit to let the style cool and sink in before releasing. 

6)     Keep the curing iron diagonal to the ground

We have always seen mesmerizing wavy hair on celebrities and wondered if we can have the same appearance. You can surely achieve that similar look by simply changing the way you handle your heating instrument. Keep the iron diagonal to the ground and curl your hair away from the face. Follow this simple trick to create celebrity-worthy curls.

7)     Try the natural look by holding the tool away from the face

Looking over done can spoil your charm even if the curls are perfect. Therefore, it is necessary to look natural as well as stylish at the same time. The question is, how do you achieve that when you don’t have natural curls? The answer is pretty simple; you can get that awesome and natural look by curling your strands away from the face. Curl some of the hair sections in a random direction to get a more natural appearance.

8)     Use smaller curling iron sizse for shorter hair

Bigger barrel sizes such as 11/4”or larger, will prove to be ineffective against shorter hair. The waves will not be visible enough. To make your style noticeable in one glance, try the smallest sized iron curler, typically a 3/8”. With that, you will be able to create tight swirly waves effortlessly.

9)     Try the Lazy curl look

Sometimes achieving a loose wavy look is all you want. You just need to follow a technique called “flat wrap” and rolling the hair for a short time on the heating barrel. Flat wrapping means that you don’t completely wind up the hairs around the rod. This gives hair a looser wavy look. The result will be a very natural and lazy-curl appearance.

10)  Covert your curling barrel into a curling wand

If the hair-clamp is getting in the way of your style, then it may be possible to detach it. You can just unscrew it and remove it from the barrel. However, it may not be possible for all of the curling irons out there, as the clamps of some may be unremovable.

11)  Clip your curls for long-lasting waves

This is a simple trick but quite useful if you want your curls to last an entire day or longer. Right after you curl a section, pin the section near your head by keeping their shape intact. Let them cool, and after you have curled all of the hair, drop them down. You can also use aerosol hairspray on it to make them more durable.

12)  Hold your iron horizontally for bouncy curls

Everybody loves bouncy curls that move like a spring when you walk around. To get that springy feel to hold your curling iron horizontally to the floor and start curling.

13)  Start winding near your scalp to add volume

This tip is exclusively for people with thin and volume-less hair. Start rolling the curling iron from near the roots of your hair to add additional volume. It will make your hair appear fuller and thicker.

14)  Clean your curling iron when you are finished using it

Many women face the problem of getting rid of the built-up that has been burned onto their styling tools. The best way to clean it is to rub the iron with a wet washcloth while it is still hot. The steam will help remove any build up and keep your curling iron working like it should!