May 18, 2024

Do it Like a Pro - This is How an Stylist Blow Dry Curly Hair

Curly hair is beautiful if it is maintained properly. This type of hair requires continuous maintenance or else it can quickly turn unruly. Curled hair is  the most fragile type of hair in terms of styling, you need to know how to manage and style your curls properly for the best results. 

A blow dryer is the handiest and most user-friendly tool for styling purposes. But the trick lies in the technique. Doing it at home is not as easy as it seems. To have a professional-level blow-drying skill set, you have to focus on some tips and practice certain methods.

We have elaborated on the techniques step by step here to guide you to having the most beautiful curly hair style.

Hair preparation before blow drying

These steps are mandatory to achieve a top-notch curly hair look.

  • Wash your hair well

You do not want the shampoo to be left in your hair before styling. This can cause problems during the drying process. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and be sure that all of the shampoo or conditioner is  completely gone. To save yourself from frizzy looking hair start using alcohol-free and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.

  • Conditioners for curly hair

Natural oils travel from the scalp to the tips of curly hair slowly. To have a moisturized and smooth hair surface, opt for leave-in conditioners. You can also experiment with moisturizers and hair-masks to keep curly strands hydrated.

  • Extract additional moisture from your hair

Use a microfiber towel that has fine fibers to remove excessive water. Instead of aggressively rubbing it, place the towel gently over your hair and apply gentle pressure while waiting for it to pull out and absorb the moisture. This will save your hair from damage caused by unnecessary friction.

  • Apply a styling product before drying

For lively and springy curls try using a styling product before blow drying your hair. The type of styling product you use depends entirely on the type of natural curls you have or want. Hair-styling sprays are best for soft and smooth curls. While styling gels go best for bigger curls.

  •       Spray a heat protectant

Spraying a heat protectant before drying generates a shielding layer that provides necessary defense against intense blow-dryer heat. This step is as imperative as styling itself because without a heat protectant, you will burn your hair either temporarily or even permanently.

How to blow dry curly hair?

Blow drying curly hair can be intimidating if you are not aware of the right technique. We have explained every step one by one below.

1)     Get the diffuser attachment for your blow-dryer

Drying curls without a diffuser is not the best idea. The diffuser has a specific shape that keeps the natural wavy pattern of your hair intact and diffuses the warm-air evenly to help reduce frizz. Unlike other attachments like the nozzle, the diffuser will not straighten your curls.

2)     Dry hair in sections

Use pins and clips to make different sections of your hair. Make at least three sections, one for the right hemisphere, one for left, and the third one includes the back area. Dry the hair in one section evenly using a diffuser attachment. If you do not want your curls to be messed up, then be sure the heat is evenly distributed.

3)     Go for a low heat option

A fine quality dryer will have variable heat options on it. These alternative options allow you to be in full control of the situation. The exhaust heat you select depends upon the type of hair that you have.

For thicker hair, people usually go for medium to high heat. However, for curls, low heat is reliable. Low heat options will prevent you from ruining your curls. It will also save you from overheating which can cause extensive damage to your hair. 

4)     Start from the roots

Roots are less delicate than the tips of your hair. So, put the diffuser on the scalp and start drying from the roots. Work your way to the tips slowly. Move your diffuser constantly in one section of the hair to evenly distribute the heat.

5)     Add volume

Curly hair without volume can sometimes be upsetting. It wouldn’t be wrong If we say that curly hair styles are typically all about the volume. To add volume, place the diffuser on the scalp for some time and move it away slowly. Repeat this process several times. This simple technique will allow you to build up the volume that you desire.

6)     Let the tips air dry

The tips of the hair are the oldest and typically the most damaged part of your hair. To dry it with warm air is equivalent to damaging it even further. Keep the tips away from the direct heat to avoid further breakage.

7)     Final touch

After drying the hair completely, be sure  to add the final touch by using the cooler option of the dryer. Flip your hair section to the other side and blow cold air on it. Repeat this process with all of the sections. This practice will add some extra long lasting volume. .

Hairstyling after drying

There are simple tricks that you can follow to maintain your curls and make them last longer.

1)     Use oil for smoother hair

All that warm air can leave your hair dry and frizzy. Using certain oils can help you solve the dryness issue. Take some oil in your hand, rub it into your palms and apply it softly in a way that it does not disrupt your dried curls. In the place of oil, you can apply pomade as well. it will work the same as well as  add some extra hold.

2)     Avoid using the brush

Excessive brushing can be one of the biggest mistakes a person with curly hair can make. It will not only spoil the beautiful curly hair look you desir,  but it can also promote frizzy hair.

Your hair will quickly break if there are tangles. To avoid that, stay away from excessive brushing. If you still have to brush, go for a wide-toothed comb. One more thing you should avoid is moving the fingers in the curls often.

3)     Keep the voluminous look

The volume you worked on for several minutes will vanish if you do not know how to maintain it. To revive the lost volume, spray your hair with water and blow dry again for a short time. It will help you to keep the voluminous look you desire.