Jul 18, 2024

5 Romantic Hairstyles

They say that a person’s hairstyle can completely change his or her look, making it vital to find the right hairstyle for the look and impression you are trying to go for.  With Valentine’s Day just about here, now is the perfect time to adopt a hairstyle that helps to bring out your romantic and sexy side.  Read below for 8 hairstyles that will help bring out your romantic side!


Silky Waves

This bombshell look is perfect for those with long hair lengths and creates heart-stopping, head-turning results!  Part your hair down the middle and brush out with a smooth paddle brush or round brush, then use a large clamp iron such as Sutra’s Interchangeable Waver to create loose, relaxed waves. 


Relaxed Knot

This look combines the elegance and polish of a low knot with the casual, fun look of wavy, curly hair.  Add some loose waves or curls to your hair with your curling iron of choice, or opt to take an even more carefree approach with a curler set like Bukli’s Soft HD Curlers + Curling Flutes Bundle.  With your curls or waves in place, loosely tie your hair back in a low knot and skip the hairspray to keep things looking sexy and fun.


Beachy Waves

What’s sexier than a beachy, fresh-out-of-the-water mermaid look?  This hairstyle is perfect for all hair lengths, and requires very little in the way of styling and prep.  Simply brush your hair out, treat it with a texturizing product like Sidlab’s Pacifica Sea Salt Water Spray and blow-dry on low while brushing out with a round brush.  While blow-drying, lightly curl your hair to add a wave pattern.  Part down the middle and lightly mist with hairspray for a seductive finish!


Accessorized Braids

Braids are all the fashion these days, and for good reason!  They’re an easy yet stunning hairstyle that compliments the face while adding a touch of elegance to any look.  Part your hair down the middle and braid your hair in your preferred method, finishing with a spritz of hairspray to finish.  For the ultimate upgrade, however, add some sexy accessories to your braids to really take this look to the next level!  Profashion’s Accessories Gift Bag contains a variety of hair pins and other accessories that can truly make your hair look like a million bucks.


Romantic Pixie Cut

A look that is perfect for anyone with shorter hair, the timeless pixie cut is an incredible way to accentuate the eyes and keep your date mesmerized all night!  Blow dry your hair with a thick brush and use a straightening iron to bring your hair swept slightly past the forehead for a unique look.  Style with a wax product like Sidlab’s Ultra Intense Texturizer for a sexy, textured finish.