May 18, 2024

18 Resources to Improve Your Hair Care Game

They say that knowledge is power, and when it comes to hair care, that statement couldn’t be any truer.  While you can spend all the money in the world on the best stylists, hair care products, and styling tools, your hair will never truly look its absolute best until you understand the what’s and why’s behind how your hair works.  Although the internet has a seemingly endless number of blogs, articles, and how-to-guides relating to hair care, we’ve cut through the clutter and compiled a selection of our top picks.  Read below for a definitive list of the most invaluable hair care and hair styling resources that’ll have your hair looking its absolute best!


American Academy of Dermatology

The oldest and largest dermatological association in the country, the AAD contains expert medical advice from some of the leading dermatologists in the country.  While much of their research pertains to skin care, the AAD website has a hair-care exclusive section with some excellent advice on general hair care maintenance and common hair and scalp concerns.


Cosmetics & Toiletries

Described as the “definitive peer-reviewed cosmetic science resource”, this magazine has delivered news and research articles exclusively pertaining to the field of cosmetic research since its inception in 1906.  The web version of the magazine publishes news and research articles on a daily basis, making this the perfect way to stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in hair care research.



There are countless subreddits on Reddit devoted to cosmetics and hair care, but this science-specific subreddit focuses on the specifics of haircare science and chemistry.  Aside from its informative posts and articles, this subreddit is a perfect place to ask experts questions on anything and everything hair related!


The Beauty Brains

Another haircare science-focused resource, The Beauty Brains has long been one of the most popular and informative hair resources on the internet, largely due to its fun and relatable way of explaining complex scientific concepts to the general public.  This blog is filled with numerous articles, podcasts, and other amazing resources to make you a true hair care nerd.



If you’ve ever looked at the ingredients list on the back of a shampoo bottle and wondered “what the heck is this stuff?”, then this is your place!  This massive database contains informative descriptions of tens of thousands of cosmetic ingredients, along with an invaluable tool that allows you to enter the ingredients list of any product and receive a detailed breakdown in seconds!


The Natural Haven

This popular hair care blog continues along the scientific research theme, only with an added all-natural twist!  The Natural Haven features numerous posts written by an actual scientist that features detailed breakdowns of hair care, along with real-world tests to debunk popular haircare myths.  As an added bonus, the blog features numerous articles discussing the benefits of “all-natural” haircare, along with instructional guides on creating all-natural DIY products.

My Black Is Beautiful

It’s no secret that African-American hair is among the most difficult of all hair types in terms of maintenance, and sadly it can be quite difficult to find a wealth of information on the topic.  Thankfully, this blog is exclusively focused on all things relating to African-American hair care, including some amazing testimonials from real people describing their own hair care journeys.


Afro Hair Care – The Ultimate Guide for 2022

For anyone with coiled, highly-textured African-American hair, this how-to-guide is the definitive resource on how to formulate a daily hair care routine.  Additionally, this guide contains information about troubleshooting common hair care problems for this hair type, along with links to useful hair care solutions.


Curly Hair Guide: What’s YOUR Curl Pattern?

Curly hair is a tricky beast to handle, and even trickier is the fact that there isn’t just one type of curly hair.  Curly hair can come in all kinds of forms, from tightly coiled to loose and wavy, and knowing which curl type you have is the key to being able to best care for your curly hair.  Thankfully, this fun guide makes it easier than ever to nail down your curl pattern.


The Curly Girl Method

Even if you don’t have curly hair, you’ve almost certainly heard of this method, which has been spoken about to death on numerous blogs, articles, and Pinterest posts.  This definitive guide on the Curly Girl Method is the perfect guide on how to get started with the method and answers all of your burning questions.


Very Curly Hair Primer

Do you have the most curly, textured hair imaginable and have tried just about every piece of hair care advice there is?  This guide may be just what you’re looking for, as Teri LaFlesh, author of the popular blog Tightly Curly, gives her how-to-guide on how she maintains her difficult, curly hair.



Every day it seems like the market for hair care products only grows bigger and bigger, making it seem impossible to determine which products are actually worth your money.  Thankfully, this website features an unbiased snapshot of just about every product on the market, with reviews from average people to help guide you on your next purchase.


Face Shape Guide

When it comes to picking out your hairstyle, everything begins and ends with your face shape.  You see, each face shape looks better or worse with specific hairstyles, meaning that what looks great on one face shape may look terrible on another.  Follow this guide by Cosmo to determine your face shape, and you’ll be on your way to picking out your best hairstyle yet!


Hairstyles Weekly

Once you’ve determined your face shape, head over to this hairstyle-specific website that provides a massive collection of nearly every hairstyle known to man, along with detailed tutorials with pictures and more!


Free Your Hair

For a fresh, unusual take on hair care, check out this blog form Roxie Jane Hunt, as she shares her holistic, all-natural approach to hair care.  She’s also included a wealth of information regarding DIY haircare and hairstyle tutorials, making this a well-rounded blog for anyone!


A Dandruff Guide

Nobody wants to think about it, but dandruff is an incredibly common scalp condition that occurs with just about everyone at one point in their life.  It can be a bit distressing to try and treat this issue, making guides like this one from Everyday Health all the more valuable.  This medical guide provides an explanation on dandruff, along with a description of symptoms to help diagnose the condition, along with treatment options.


The ‘No Poo’ Method

If you have incredibly dry, fragile hair that just never seems to get along with a shampoo, this may be the guide for you.  This infamous haircare method involves skipping shampoo completely, which has led to incredible results for countless dry hair types. 


Pregnancy Hair Guide

You may not realize this, but your hair will change a lot during pregnancy.  It can seem rather overwhelming and frustrating to deal with all these unusual changes, but thankfully this guide provides a perfect primer on what to expect, along with invaluable solutions for treating pregnancy hair.