May 18, 2024

Everything You Need to Know About Curly/Coily Hair

There comes a time when every person with curly hair gets frustrated. Continued maintenance and not seeing wanted results can sometimes compel people to hate their hair. It can sometimes make people think that they are better off without any hair. It is a fact that curls can be hard to handle, but it is also true that curls are also gorgeous in their own way. 

You just need a little bit more understanding about your curls as well as some guidance. We have done the work for you and we have compiled everything you need to know about your unique curly hair all in one spot!

What is curly hair?

It would be right if we say they resemble densely packed spirals. Curly hair can be the most voluminous hair out there, which not only makes it unique looking but also capable of carrying different styles. According to the famous hair classification system, extremely curly hair is a type 4, which happens to be the classification of most curly hair.

If we talk about texture, type 4 hair usually has medium to the thick texture. These spongy hair-springs are typically in the form of zig-zag curls. Furthermore, they have three distinct subclasses that define this hair-type more thoroughly.

  • Type 4a: Well-defined S pattern is visible in the tightly coiled hair-springs. For this type, hair has the diameter of crochet.
  • Type 4b: This coarse textured hair type depicts a noticeable zig-zag or “Z” pattern. The hair usually has the diameter of the spring of a pen.
  • Type 4c: In this type, the pattern is difficult to notice from the eye. It is the driest and curliest hair type.

Maintenance Tips for Curlier Hair

If you are unable to maintain your curls, then you are probably going to end up hating them. Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Get yourself some deep-conditioners!
  • Dehydration is common for type 4 hair, so people definitely need to add a deep-conditioner into their haircare routine. These conditioners are abundant with lubrication and persistent moisture that will last for quite a while. It is exactly what your dry hair needs.

    You won’t have to fight frizz daily as deep conditioners have the potential to go in the shafts and provide the moisture your hair desperately needs. Keep in mind that your hair is naturally dry textured, so you have to keep applying moisture artificially.

  • Never detangle curly hair when it’s dry!
  • Detangling dry curls will not only damage your hair, but there is a chance you may rip away chunks of hairs from the roots. To avoid it, you should always detangle them when the hairs are full of lubricants, such as conditioners.

    Doing it dry can break your comb as well as your hair, so make it a part of your routine to always manage your curls when your hair is wet and slippery.

    You can deal with those troublesome knots with the slipperiness the conditioner provides. As a bonus, it will also save you from the pain of a stuck-comb.

  • Use oils as often as possible
  • Your scalp produces oil, but because of the curls, it can not reach the end of your hair, which ultimately causes dryness. To manage this popular dry-curls issue, nourish your hair and scalp with essential oils. Massage it properly. You will find that your daily massage has stimulated the blood in your head, making your hair stronger and moist.

    You can also go for leave-in creams and moisturizers. They will not only provide the essential moisture your hair needs, but also help trap the already existing moisture inside your hair.

  • Use silk covered pillows
  • A long sleep on a regular cotton pillowcase can wreak havoc on your strands. Friction makes the situation worse. So, change your sleeping pillow or wear a silk scarf while going to sleep. It will minimize the friction, and your hair will remain soft and tangle free all through the night.

    One more thing, it will also trap in the moisture, preventing your hair from going full dry. Make this your habit and sleep well without worries.

  • Don’t use a regular towel
  • Curls may look tough, but they are fragile. Using a regular towel can damage them. Buy a microfiber towel; it will dry your hair gently. Whenever you use a towel, don’t rub it aggressively over your hair, this will create more tangles.

  • Go for air drying instead of blow-drying
  • You don’t want to put more heat on your dried-out hair. Using heat styling tools is possibly the worst thing a person can do to their curly hair. Curling irons or blow dryers will evaporate any remaining moisture, leaving your hair dull and lifeless.

    If you don’t want to rip away the life from your curls, then air dry your hair every time.

    Why Should You Love Your Naturally Curly Hair?

    Don’t despair, once you get the hang of it, there are plenty of things that are possible with type 4 hair. These are some things to motivate you that your kinky hair is beautiful.

    • You look unique

    When everybody looks the same, it becomes boring. People always want to be the one to stand out in a crowd and to be the center of attention. It’s good news for people with coily hair that their hair makes them look unique in a place full of similar-looking individuals.

    • Resistant to extreme weather conditions

    People love to dance in the rain, except for the ones who fear to ruin their fine-straight hair. You don’t need to worry about that. You can go crazy in torrential rain, and still, your hair will remain the same when they dry again.

    • You can make buns quickly

    It’s exhausting for some people to pull off a perfect voluminous bun. But people with curlier hair don’t have to worry about it. With little effort, you can just move them to one side, and they will be ready all because of the enormous volume.

    • Different hairstyles

    With type 4 hair, you have the chance to pull off different hairstyles that only you can carry. You can add your different vibe in all mainstream hairstyles. So be confident your hair is different but beautiful.