Apr 18, 2024

The Countless Benefits of Argan Oil

Are you looking for a universal oil that has endless health benefits? If so, Argan oil may be the best oil for you!

You likely have heard about this oil because of its extreme popularity. It is a ubiquitous compound used in many cosmetic, haircare, and skincare products because of its many benefits.

Some people refer to Argan oil as "Liquid Gold" and they are not wrong. It has a plethora of vitamins and other nutrients. Therefore, many people also choose to consume it in order to maintain their health. Here are some benefits that may surprise you.

1) Nutritional hub

It is an exceptional source of fatty acids and Vitamin E. 80% of the fatty acids inside it are unsaturated, like oleic and linoleic acid. These have various benefits and prove to be an essential component in maintaining good health. Vitamin E promotes the normal function of the immune system as well as your heart. It prevents fatal diseases like heart attacks, so in a way, it can even help save your life.  

It also works wonders for your hair, skin, and eyes. You would not need any other moisturizer, once you have started using this hydrating oil.

2) Anti-aging properties

Argan oil also seems to possess magical anti-aging properties. According to a study conducted in 2014, researchers noticed after women's skin had been exposed to Argan oil, it stimulated the ability of the skin to hold moisture content. The skin treated with Argan oil was able to hold more water, even on a cellular level.

This is important as it helps give you younger-looking skin. A radiant glow also appears  on your skin because of extra moisture, which in turn makes the wrinkles become less visible.

There are plenty of anti-aging cosmetic products available in the market having Argan oil. Pick one out and enjoy the anti-aging benefits for yourself!

3) Maintains the health of your heart

Consuming a small amount of this wonder oil regularly can work in preventing cardiovascular diseases. Argan oil contains a fair amount of fatty acids like Oleic acid, which helps maintain normal blood pressure.

Argan oil also controls the fluctuations in your cholesterol levels; as well as, keeping you away from life-altering diseases like diabetes. 

By managing cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and antioxidant levels in your blood, you greatly reduce the risk of suffering from heart-related complications.

 Taking a small amount of it on a regular basis can actually help keep the doctor away.

4) Reduces the risk of diabetes

Recent studies have indicated that Argan oil may also have the ability to lower your blood sugar level, hence helping to prevent diabetes. Its antioxidant properties may even help make your body more resistant to diabetes.

5) Moisturizes skin

Are you tired of having rough, dry, and scaly-looking skin? Argan oil is here to save the day. It is rich with vitamins and fatty acids that allow the skin to absorb and hold more water. This additional moisture will help protect your skin from dryness and will give it a natural radiance.

You won't have to use any other moisturizer. Applying a little directly on your skin daily will be enough to keep it hydrated.

You may have been wondering if Argan oil has a strange or offensive odor, as a lot of other oils do. However, for this oil, it is different. Its scent is non irritating, and it does not cause discomfort after application. Therefore, it could very well be the best non-greasy  feeling moisturizer out there.

During the drier winter season, you may suffer from dry, cracked lips. Try applying a few drops of Argan oil to your lips and massaging it in. 

6) Heals Acne

Oily skin gives rise to skin-related problems such as acne. It is quite common, so you might think that oils can further worsen the condition.

You may think that every type of oil promotes acne, but this is not true. Argan oil has non-greasy properties and moisturizes skin in a natural way.

On top of that, it is also anti-inflammatory. No matter how bad the acne has gotten, it can help slow down the spreading process and can relieve you from the tenderness and discomfort of an active breakout. Whatever damage the acne has done to your skin, Argan oil also has the potential to heal it effectively.

7) Accelerates the healing process

Researchers applied argan oil on burn wounds of animals. After exposing the wound to Argan oil, a significant increase in the healing rate was recorded. This proves that this wonder oil even has the ability to accelerate the healing process.

8) Reduces stretch marks

Having stretch marks is a big worry for some pregnant women. So, how do you help prevent them? A simple solution is by applying and massaging your skin with argan oil throughout pregnancy.

Argan oil has the ability to enhance the elastic properties of your skin, therefore reducing the risk and appearance of stretch marks.

9) Works as a hair moisturizer

As we have already discussed, Argan oil can revive the skin's ability to keep more water inside its cells. This works similarly for hair by enhancing the capability of the hair to hold more moisture.

Argan oil can be a great remedy for dry and frizzy hair, and you can use it as a hair conditioner also.

If you have dried-out and damaged hair, then it would be wise to add Argan oil to your hair care routine. Instead of buying expensive treatments and products, why not use this simple solution? 

10) Treats skin inflammations

People all around the world, especially in parts of Africa, grow argan trees because they play a vital role in skin treatments.

Evidence shows that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances present in Argan oil help heal the infected areas and accelerate the healing process. Argan oil also repairs skin tissue and provides the necessary nourishment the skin cells need to revive themselves, leaving you with bright, radiant, soft skin.