May 18, 2024

5 TED Talks That Anyone Working in Hair Should Watch

If you’ve ever wanted proof that the internet is the greatest informational tool ever created, then TED Talks are your answer.  TED Talks, which consist of hour-long lectures by experts relating to a variety of unique topics, first began in 1984 as an annual conference to share “ideas worth spreading”.  Today, there are multiple TED Talk conferences held throughout the year, with each of them being published on and broadcast to hundreds of millions of viewers around the world.  At well over a billion views, TED Talks have become one of the most popular tools for spreading information on the planet.


Given our love for hair care, it should come as no surprise that we are huge fans of the TED Talks that are specifically focused on hair care.  With so many unique, informative perspectives pertaining to hair on the TED platform, there’s no shortage of unique lectures to learn from.  Read below for five of our very favorite hair care TED Talks that will make you an even smarter hair care enthusiast!


Why Do We Care About Hair

In this personal, heartfelt TED Talk, Communications Science major Naomi Abigail gets to the core of exactly why hair care is so important to us.  As Naomi describes, her mood and behavior were directly influenced by each of her hairstyle changes, reflected in her different life changes with each new respective hairstyle.  This unique, psychological look at hair care and an understanding behind why we choose specific hairstyles helps to truly explain why hair care has become such a beloved hobby for so many of us.


Why Do Some People Go Bald?

Hair loss is by far the most common hair care related fear out there, with millions and millions of dollars being spent on a variety of hair loss supplements and treatments.  People are terrified of premature balding, which makes this video by Sarthak Sintha particularly illuminating for understanding the science behind this frustrating condition and the what’s and why’s behind it.  This video helps to dispel the many myths behind hair loss, and does a great job of explaining the genetic and scientific basis behind this common condition.


Why Do We Have Hair in Such Random Places?

We all have hair, but have you ever wondered why hair exists in the first place?  In this informative TED Talk, Nina Jablonski explains the evolutionary purpose of our hair, and why it grows on places like our head, chest, and armpits.  While we obsess over the endless intricacies of hair, such as styling and hair care, it’s important to get down to the basics and understand why hair exists in the first place. 


The Psychology of Black Hair

There isn’t a hair type out there that has been discussed more prominently and in-depth than the hair of African American women.  African American hair is particularly unique due to its fascinating textural uniqueness and hair care requirements. These unique factors have helped create a special bond between African American women and their hair, becoming an integral part of this cultural identity.  As Johanna Lukate explains in this Ted Talk at Cambridge University, Black hair comes with a fascinating, unique psychology that can be explained by several centuries worth of psychological influence.


How to Positively Change the Natural Hair Narrative

Of the many trends relating to natural self-care, such as skin care or body care, natural hair care is another popular trend that has taken off in the hair care industry.  With many, a woman opting to replace chemical-based products with natural treatments, the natural hair care industry has never been more popular.  A self-proclaimed natural hair care activist, Zoey Margret Konie-Chibula describes the landscape of the natural hair care industry and describes a path forward in changing the narrative of this often misunderstood category.