Jul 18, 2024

Fall is Here, But These Summer Hairstyles Are Here to Stay

Over the past few months, the biggest trend in hairstyling was the embrace of daring, head-turning looks.  Lengths have ranged from buzzcuts to shoulder-length, with textures from smooth and sleek to curly and wavy.  But just because the season has changed doesn’t mean these hairstyles are saying goodbye.  Read below to see some of the summer favorites that have crossed over into the fall season!


Curtain bangs

In a blast from the 60’s past, this free-spirited look took the hairstyling world by storm in 2021.  This easy hairstyle involves splitting the hair down the middle in a casual, effortless way.  The “curtain” name comes from the way in which the bangs frame the face much like a curtain frames a window.  This style is easy to get, and simply involves growing your hair out, letting a trained hairstylist layer the hair perfectly, and then styling with a fun wave or curl pattern.


Blunt Ends

This look is one of the most striking on the list, thanks to its sleek, even-length cut with a part that frames the hair perfectly around the cheekbones.  The length can go all the way to the shoulder, but the most common variation is with the cut ending about an inch or so below the chin.  Many opt for a straight, perfectly sleek look, but a fun way to make this style your own is to add some waves or curly texture!


Curly Shag

Curly-haired girls, this look is your chance to let it all loose!  With bangs over the forehead and hair parted to the side and cut down at the shoulders, this look is big, loud, and beautiful.  Add a little sea salt spray or a curl-enhancing product as a pre-styler, and then go to down with your blow dryer, infusing your hair with massive amounts of volume.


Colored Hair

This summer, the term “colored hair” meant a whole lot more than a basic blonde dye job or ombre.  Loud, eye-catching colors were in vogue this year, with women everywhere seemingly throwing away the “rule book” when it came to “acceptable” hair colors.  Want bright blue hair?  Go for it!  Pretty in hot pink?  Make it yours!  Just about every color is on the menu for women in 2021, with the only thing to remember is to choose a color that isn’t too strong for your current hair type. 


Pixie Cut

While falling out of fashion the past year or two, this hairstyle came back in a big way over the summer, albeit with a unique twist.  Celebrities like Zoe Kravitz gave this cut a grunge-y, edgy twist, with less of an emphasis on the spikey look of past, and rather emphasizing a more casual, messy spin.  The key is to get a shorter, choppier cut with an emphasis on texture, while utilizing a small bit of pomade or a texture spray to finish the style.