Jun 18, 2024

Things You Should Know About Hemp Seed Oil and Healthy Hair

In recent years, few natural ingredients have made more of a splash in the beauty and cosmetic marketplace than the Cannabis Sativa plant, otherwise known as hemp.

While the active component of the plant, cannabidiol (CBD), has garnered most of the headlines, there’s another component of the hemp plant that has become a star in its own right: hemp seed oil.

Extracted from the seed of the cannabis sativa plant, hemp seed oil has seen a tremendous rise in popularity over the years, being featured most prominently in face and body moisturizers, hand creams, and lip balms.

Recently, hemp seed oil has become a featured ingredient in a number of shampoos, conditioner, and hair masks, providing hair care consumers with yet another new option in an ever-expanding marketplace. To get a better understanding of what the oil does for your hair and if the ingredient is right for you, we’ve outlined some of the ingredient’s key features!

Bursting with Nutrition
One area in which hemp seed oil really shines is its nutritional content. You see, this superstar ingredient is absolutely loaded with a plethora of amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Put together, this cocktail of nutrition ensures maximum hair and scalp health, which equates to beautiful, easy-to-manage hair with proper growth without breakage or split ends. For example, hemp seed oil is a particularly excellent source of gamma-linolenic acid, which has been proven to stimulate hair and skin growth. As if that weren’t enough, the added antioxidant protection of hemp oil provides UV protection for the hair to prevent sun damage and color fading!

Scalp Soothing
One of the most frustrating conditions to deal with on a daily basis is scalp psoriasis or chronic dandruff. Thankfully, hemp seed oil is incredibly useful at treating just about every known scalp condition there is! The oil contains natural antifungal and antibacterial components, and research has indicated that the oil can train the skin to be more resistant to the kinds of fungal infections and bacterial growth that contributes to conditions like dandruff.

Additionally, hemp seed oil possesses potent anti-inflammatory qualities. Not only does this help sooth an itchy, irritated scalp, but it also helps contribute to hair growth, as scalp inflammation is one of the leading causes of hair loss.

Intense Moisture
Plant oils like hemp seed oil are highly sought after due to their deeply penetrative emollience, meaning that it fills in the cracks of dry, rough skin and hair to provide moisturization and a smooth feel. Hemp seed oil does this as well as just about any plant oil, penetrating the hair shaft to provide incredible shine and softness while preventing moisture loss and dryness. In turn, this prevents frizz and flyaways, while combatting the effects of heat damage or chemical treatments.