How to keep hair color safe
Asim Khaliq

Posted on January 16 2020

What’s the purpose of dying your hair if after a short time it’s going to worn out? After a while, the hair

dye not only fades away but it also changes hue. Its bad news. Especially for people who give a hoot
about even the faintest difference in color.
Dying your hair can alone be strenuous enough. But Maintaining it can be more laborious if you don’t
know what you are doing. Now, the questions are how do you maintain it? How do you make it last
longer? How do you keep it dazzling for long?
Don’t drown in your worries. To keep it as vibrant as it was on the first day, you just have to follow some
simple tricks and adopt some helpful habits.
Following these tips, your hair color will remain fresh as new even after weeks.
Pre-dye hair preparation tips
Are you desperate for the dye to stay on your hair longer? Then you have to know this. The hair color
maintenance doesn’t start after dying but way before it. People usually overlook this preparation. They
absolutely should not if they want results.
1) Keep Your hair healthy enough
This goes without saying. With healthier hair better will be the results. Keep this in your mind
that the preparation doesn’t start days before the hair appointment but months actually.
 Go for oil treatments. It will help you regain lost fitness and strength.
 Keep your hair hydrated. Moisture content will treat dryness and fizziness. It will also keep
them safe from further damage.
 Start using hair masks a month before the coloring.
 Avoid applying any chemical products which can affect your hair-health in any way.
 Refrain from swimming. Pool chlorine can damage your hair which is the last thing you want
before dying.
2) Clarify your hair and remove impurities
Hair products leave unwanted traces. These already existing traces can alter your desired
results. Other impurities like dust, excessive oils, chemical deposits and chlorine from swimming
can be a great hindrance as well. The solution to this is to use a clarifying shampoo.
It wouldn’t be wrong if we say a clarifying shampoo is actually an overpowered shampoo. It can
remove these impurities effectively. Don’t worry it does not damage your hair in the process.
Just don’t overdo it.
3) Treat damaged hair beforehand
Probably It is not a good idea to color damaged hair. Instead of getting satisfied, you may end up
creating more problems for your head.

Prior to your appointment, it is better if you deal with the damage first. Using protein
treatments. Doing that for some weeks would be enough to do that.
Post-hair dry maintenance
Dying your hair and seeing it fade away shortly is the worst feeling ever. It is like seeing all your
money and effort going down the drain. We’ve all been there. Here are some simple tips and
techniques to help yourselves.
1) Shampoo less frequently
It is a fact that you lose color every time you put your colored head under the shower. Refrain
from it as much as you can. It’ll help the color last longer. If you have to shampoo, use the ones
that are exclusively made for colored-hair such as a Color-Safe Dry Shampoos.
2) Wash only with lukewarm or cool water
Color is weak against warm water. While safer in cooler water. The reason behind it is related to
the energy of water molecules. Warm water has more energy than cold water. So, it can easily
rip away any color you’ve put on.
3) Use of color protecting conditioners
Special conditioners for color-treated hair creates a defensive layer around them. It protects
them instead of damaging more. Not only that it also helps to keep the original shine there.
Your hair tips are the most damaged and exposed area so, working through the tips to all the
way to the root is the best way to apply it. Even if it’s exclusive made still don’t overuse it.
4) Refrain yourself from heat styling
Using iron curlers, blow driers and other heating products can mess up your dye pretty bad. We
recommend you to completely avoid heat styling.
But if you have to do it then prior to that use heat protective sprays. Leave the spray for some
time and it will generate a protective layer. This is a much safer way to go for it.
5) Cover your colorful head in the sunlight
The last thing you want is to get sun damaged colored hair. All your efforts to look good will be
in vain. It doesn’t mean you have to stay indoor always. Just cover your head with a hat or
something. It will shield you from sun rays.
Going out is not the problem here but overstaying in sunlight is. So as long as you play safe,
you’ll be alright.
6) Use re-dying conditioners

By doing so your color will look as fresh as the first day. It is one of the ways to recover lost
color. These conditioners will not just re-shade your hair but also brings a glow to it.
7) Provide necessary nourishment
Weakness in hair can also cause it to lose the shine and glimmer. To prevent that keep
nourishing your hair by maintaining a healthy diet, stay hydrated, use leave-in oil and protein
8) Use supplements
Applying essential vitamins to your hair is an effective way to keep the healthy looks. Vitamin B
and Vitamin C help to strengthen the weak hair and keep the blood vessels working properly.
You can either apply it directly on your scalp or consume it through a healthy diet.
9) Don’t stop trimming
Keeping dead tips will not make your appearance any better. They are the most damaged part
of your hair. So, it will lose dye at a much faster pace. It’s best to get rid of them.
10) Get rid of sulfate products
If you have a sulfate product or shampoo in your home. Keep your head away from it! Sulfates
are actually cleaning agents. They are used to remove unwanted oil deposits, chemicals, and
As an effective cleaning agent, a sulfate product will clean any chemical that gets in its way. So,
it’s a good idea to stay away from it.
Frequently asked questions
Every person who’s dyed his/her hair has these questions in mind. So, it’s best to answer them
-How long do I wait to shampoo after dying?
Wait around 3 days before shampooing. Or your color will considerably fade if you got hasty.
-How long do I wait to wash my hair?
If you want to just wash your hair without any shampoo or conditioner then it is best to wait 2
days minimum.
-When should I last shampoo before my color appointment?
Don’t shampoo within 24 hours' time before an appointment. As it will remove natural oils from
your scalp. These oils can help you get better color.
-Can I go for a swim after getting a dye?

We recommend you to avoid that. The more exposed you are to water the more the color will