Jun 18, 2024

Preventing Dry Hair as the Temperatures Drop

With the changing of the seasons comes the changing of the weather, which means cold temperatures and dry, windy air.  While there’s much to love about the fall and winter seasons, this can be quite a trying time for the health of your hair.  In a manner not dissimilar to our skin, our hair is extremely susceptible to losing moisture when faced with environments of low humidity.  You see, water molecules tend to gravitate towards the lower humidity of the outside air, leaving the hair strand dry and devoid of moisture.  When this happens, our hair becomes frizzy and unmanageable, which nobody enjoys.  Read below for our tips on keeping your hair moisturized throughout the fall!


Wash Your Hair Less

No matter how rich and hydrating your shampoo is, over-washing of the hair will lead to dryness and damage.  This is even more true during the fall, when the hair is in a perpetually dry state and lacks the structure and strength of moisturized hair.  If you aren’t already, make sure to wash your hair no more than every-other-day, and perhaps changing to every-two-days if your hair is particularly dry.


Mask Up

When it comes to quenching dry, thirsty hair, few things are more effective than a moisturizing hair mask.  Some of the best hair masks on the market are filled with rich, indulgent ingredients like argan oil and shea butter to leave your hair feeling rejuvenated and frizz-free.  After washing your hair, massage a dollop of hair mask into the hair, working from the roots to tips, and let rest for ten minutes or so before washing out.  You’ll be shocked by how quickly it can provide a boost of moisture to even the most parched of hair!


Embrace Hair Oils

At first thought, the idea of putting oil into your hair seems counter-intuitive.  Isn’t the point of washing one’s hair to remove grease and excess oil?  You see, the key here is balance.  Oil is not necessarily bad in your hair, but too much of it can weigh your hair down and leave it looking dull and lackluster.  However, when your hair is dry and frizzy, extra oil is exactly what your hair needs!  Today’s hair oils are designed to coat the outer cuticle layer and tame frizz and flyaways while providing minimal weight while enhancing shine and softness.  For extremely dry hair, look out for oils like argan oil and almond oil, while jojoba and sunflower seed oils are more appropriate for finer, lighter hair.