May 18, 2024

Our Top 10 Hair Care Products

With so many hair care options on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which product to purchase.  Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of some of the absolute best products available, with selections for every hair type!


Wellness Premium Hemp Seed Oil Intensive Gold Hair Serum

This premium hair serum is based on the reparative, moisturizing benefits of hemp seed oil to improve moisture levels and provide UV protection for all hair types.  A proprietary micro-capsule delivery can deliver the hemp seed oil deep within the hair shaft for a truly superior experience.   


Profashion Argan Hair Masque

A rich, indulgent hair mask that dramatically repairs hair damage to instantly improve texture, shine, and hydration levels.  Premium argan oil penetrates the hair shaft to provide dramatic moisturization.


Trissola Intense Hydrating Mask

When it comes to this hair mask, the word “intense” is a massive understatement!  This nutrient-packed treatment includes natural plant oils, vitamins, and amino acids to dramatically improve the health and moisture levels of the hair and scalp.


Wellness Premium Hemp Seed Oil Intensive Ampoules

Utilizing all-natural hemp seed oil, each ampule provides an intense level of moisturization for dry and damaged hair, while also soothing and nourishing irritated scalps.  This ultra-concentrated ampule is perfect for hair that has recently undergone coloring treatments for shorter recovery time.


Everything Black Hair Growth Oil

Like the name suggests, this is the ideal product for anyone experiencing hair loss issues.  A luxurious blend of rich oils, vitamins, and biotin help stimulate the hair follicle while improving the health of the hair and scalp. 


Trissola Chia 5-in-1 Curl Cream

This just might be the ultimate hair styling product for curly hair!  With a formula packed with chia seed oil, rice bran extract, tomato ferment extract and amino acids, this versatile cream is able to define curls while reducing frizz and split ends.


Nuele Hair Serum

A unique hair oil blend that moisturizes and provides heat protection to leave hair protected and hydrated.  Regular use leaves the hair less tangled and more manageable while preventing flyaways and frizz.


Everything Black Heat Protectant Spray

Regardless of hair type, anyone who uses a heated styling tool needs this spray.  Botanical extracts help to protect against heat damage and provide UV protection while providing added moisture and hydration.


Madison Braids Charcoal Shampoo + Conditioner

Perhaps the very best shampoo and conditioner set for anyone with scalp issues, both of these products harness the purifying, exfoliating benefits of activated charcoal powder to treat and prevent dandruff while aiding in hair growth.


Sidlab Sleek Complete Three Set System

This three-in-one package includes shampoo, conditioner, and a smoothing gel for the ultimate hair routine overhaul.  The three of these products combine for a system that has been formulated for smooth, sleek hair.