Why is your hair dry
Asim Khaliq

Posted on January 16 2020

Hair is the most prominent part of your appearance. It can either enhance or diminish the charm of your
personality. You do not want to give a bad and unpleasant first impression. So, untidy, dry, and dull hair
is bad news for you.
Dry hair can devastate your overall looks. To prevent that from happening, you need to treat the
dryness. There are many causes of dry and dull hair. Let’s elucidate some reasons behind it.
Reasons why your hair is dry and their possible solutions
Hair becomes dry when there is not enough moisture left. In this moisture-less condition, it becomes
brittle, rough, and hard. There is a variety of reasons behind the loss of water content.
1) Showering in Hot water
Washing your head with too hot water can cause scalp dehydration. It means that the heat will remove
the moisture present on the scalp significantly. Undoubtedly, it can remove additional oil, and the dirt
stuck in your skin. But it can leave your hair dry and damaged.
Solution: To avoid that from happening, you should wash your head with relatively cold or lukewarm
water. Cold can trap the moisture and seal it. So, it is best to wash your head with cold water to retain
moisture and stay hydrated.
2) Insignificant production of natural lubrication
It has something to do with the health of your body. The healthier and more hydrated your body is the
more oil the scalp will produce. There will be times when your scalp will fail to produce sufficient
moisture and oil to lubricate the skin. It will cause your hair to go dry badly.
To deal with it, you can go for artificial moisturization.
Solution: Use essential oils and massage regularly. You can also go for moisturizing products like built-in
moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. It will help you retain moisture until the natural lubrication of
your scalp returns.
3) Extreme weather conditions
Fierce weather conditions can strip the moisture off your hair. Fast blowing dry cold or warm air boost
up the evaporation rate and the moisture leaves your skin faster. The same goes for extreme
temperature. It can cast away the existing water.
Atmospheric conditions like relative humidity are the most common weather condition to affect your
hair directly. The concentration of water in the atmosphere decides the evaporation rate on your skin.
For example, in humid conditions where there is enough water in the air already will slow down the
evaporation and your hair will remain moist.
On the other hand, in drier air, the water on the skin will leave the surface quickly, which will cause the
hair to go devoid of moisture.
Solution: It is hard to avoid the atmosphere we live in. Least you can do is cover your hair.
4) Excessive use of heat styling products

Forcing the water to leave hair is the basis of heat styling. If you are a regular user of blow-dryers, iron
curlers or any other heat styling product then at some point you have surely suffered from dry hair.
Over-doing it can even cause permanent dullness and dryness in some cases. Excess of everything is bad
so, you ought to be aware of it.
Solution: To avoid that, use heat protectant sprays. Spray a layer of heat resistive liquid over your hair
before ramming heat in them. It will safeguard your strands from immense heat conditions.
5) Scorched by sun
Overexposure of sun radiations can leave your hair severely damaged and dry. Sunrays are more
complicated than you know. They are a mixture of diverse electromagnetic emissions. It includes optical,
thermal, and ultra-violet waves. Overexposure from any of these can sabotage your hair for good.
Sun-damaged hair is hard to recover. UV rays are the primary reason behind it. They can mess up the
cell structure along with the levels of moisture in it.
Solution: For defense against sunlight, cover your hair when you go out. Or try wearing sun-protective
6) You shampoo too often
Shampoo washes away the natural oils existing in the skin of your scalp. Doing it regularly will eventually
leave your hair empty of moisture. Without moisture, your hair will go dry in a jiffy.
It will lessen the shine as well. Ultimately, your appearance will be affected.
Solution: The best way is to shampoo two or three times a week only.
7) Brushing your hair too much
Brushing too much creates friction, and it can mess up the surface of your hair. It will leave them
damaged and dry. Too much exertion can start hair thinning as well.
Solution: Use a wide-toothed comb or brush. Move it gently to create lesser friction.
8) Never getting a head massage
Scalp massages are healthier than you know. They can not only stabilize your mood and reduce stress
but also aids in creating a perfect environment for hair to grow. It helps in the blood vessels to open up
and all the blood to flow.
Increase and stimulated blood flow can promote hair growth and recovery. It is the key to healthy hair.
If you stay away from a head massage, then you are letting the blood vessels to shrink. Eventually, hair
fall will start.
Solution: Get a head massage now and then to keep the blood circulation steady.
9) Regular unprotected swimming

As per dermatologists, exposure to chlorine regularly might leave your hair a bit dry. Just like salt water
of the ocean, chlorine acts the same. It washes away the oils present, leaving your strands drier. While
regular exposure can even leave significant damage.
Solution: Wear a head cap when you go into a pool. Try to keep your head out of the water as much as
10) Genetic issues
Does your hair feel dry without any reason? Even after staying healthy, does it feel the same? Then it is
probably because of genetics. There is a chance that you have naturally dry hair.
Solution: There is no solution to this. You just have to go for artificial moisturizers.