Jun 18, 2024

Chia Seeds Benefits For Optimal Hair Growth

As we learn more about the body and its various nutritional needs, it has become more and more clear few things are more important than ensuring the body’s proper nutritional intake.  Without the right vitamin or mineral supplementation in one’s diet, the body can fail to carry out its usual biological processes, which can be evident in a number of unfortunate symptoms. 

Recently, one of the most popular ingredients that has been proven to boost the health of the human body is the chia seed.  Chia seeds are one of the most nutrient dense ingredients available, having been proven to assist in everything from inflammation to heart disease.  While you may think chia seeds are just for your personal health, they are also quite impactful in the health of your hair, as well.  Loaded with countless amazing ingredients, the chia seed just might be your key to perfect hair!  Read below for a breakdown of all the nutritional goodness of this all-natural superfood and see why this is one of the absolute best ingredients to include in your diet to naturally boost hair health


One of the most abundant minerals found in the chia seed is copper.  Copper is responsible for regulating a wide variety of bodily functions, and is highly important to include in anyone’s diet.  But did you know that copper helps regulate melanin production, which helps to prevent graying of hair?  Thanks to copper, chia seeds may be a nice boost in preventing premature graying of the hair.


We’ve written at length about the incredible haircare benefits of this mineral, but it bears repeating: zinc is a true hair health superstar!  Zinc has been shown to increase in the rate of hair growth and a boost in hair density, and a deficiency in zinc has been proven to lead to accelerated hair loss.  Thankfully, this mineral is heavily featured in the makeup of the chia seed.

Omega Acids

Chia seeds are one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids, with an abundant supply of ALA, otherwise known as alpha-linolenic acid.  ALA has been proven to assist in a plethora of bodily functions such as lower cholesterol and improved joint health, but its most impressive trait is its ability to reduce inflammation.  When supplementing with an ALA-rich ingredient like chia seed, you could potentially help reduce inflammation in the scalp and hair follicle, preventing premature hair loss and other inflammatory scalp conditions.

omega acids


The chia seed is almost 25% protein, making it one of the most protein-rich ingredients on the planet!  Because hair is made up of proteins like keratin, it goes to reason that one needs to have a protein-rich diet in order for the body to properly produce more keratin, and thus produce more hair.  Supplementing with a protein-rich food like chia seeds can potentially help to boost hair growth while making your hair stronger and thicker.



Amino acids are an extremely important component of the body’s production of hair, and perhaps the most important hair-related amino acid is lysine.  This amino acid is directly linked to the growth of the hair follicle, and is found in abundant supply directly at the base of the follicle.  As you may have guessed, lysine is found within the chia seed, helping to strengthen the hair follicle and prevent early hair loss.


This mineral isn’t commonly found in a list of important hair care ingredients, but it should be!  Studies have shown that phosphorous is directly linked to the thickening and strengthening of the hair root, making it a powerful mineral to utilize for stronger, thicker hair.  Phosphorous is found within the chia seed, and a daily supplementation of chia seed can help harness this root-strengthening ingredient.


This mineral is one of the most important nutrients your body needs to function, making it vital to include in any diet.  When it comes to hair health, iron has been shown to boost scalp circulation and improve blood and oxygen flow at the hair follicle, making it an excellent ingredient to naturally improve hair growth and overall scalp function.  Featured heavily in the chia seed, adding chia is a great way to introduce iron into your diet.


Lastly, chia seeds are absolutely loaded with natural antioxidants like vitamins A and C. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals that lead to premature aging and weakened hair function, and its inclusion in chia seeds helps to make chia an ideal ingredient for ensuring long term hair health.

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